We were formed after years of working for a variety of different companies and startups. Looking at what other agencies were doing, we believed there was something missing and that we could make a difference.

K.winMedia is at the forefront of social media marketing as story builders and love creators in an increasingly connected world. We spend our days creating online awesome for our clients. We love creating work that ignites meaning and surprises people (in a good way). We love delivering the results that our clients want. And we’ve learned that the best way to do that is by being honest, imaginative and pushing boundaries.

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No upfront fee for nonprofits and social enterpriseWe love working with each sector, but our non-for-profit and social enterprise arm hold a very special place in our hearts. We are committed to creating, spreading and acting on ideas that we think can change the world for the better. If you’re a not-for-profit or social enterprise, ask us about our 0% upfront promise.

We help build a plan to meet your goals, and if you succeed our fees come out of the increase in revenue or fundraising. When you succeed, we succeed. We believe in the power of stories to shape a better world. We believe in creating love.

Why get social

We as human beings are hardwired to desire connection, we go online to connect with others – share idea’s, articles, reviews, products, services and to recommend these things through social media…

Why get social

Not only do we go online to connect with each other, but also to brands & businesses, and it’s those we feel the most connected to that we become loyal to with our hard earned cash.

Why get social

We are increasingly using online content and social media to make buying decisions; in fact 74% of consumers rely on social media to guide their purchase decisions.

Why get social

The future of brand growth depends on developing deeply personal connections to relevant communities. We create consumer experiences that are worthy of actions. We create love!

Building trust begins with your story, that you must then live and fulfill with each and every piece of content put forth in the social ecosystem.

We help businesses, brands and individuals leverage the power of social media and content marketing to increase visibility, grow influence, enhance authority and build their brand through authentic story telling.

In order to create lasting relationships, we must learn where our audience is headed. Insights become opportunities, opportunities become creative ideas, and creative ideas are turned into authentic content worth sharing, making you a lovable part of your audience’s everyday lives! We help create true love between brands and consumers.

light bulb Strategy Consulting Social Media Digital Marketing Agency Icon


A comprehensive social media strategy is the foundation of any successful social media campaign. We can help develop your brand voice, create a social media ecosystem and establish a content and inbound marketing framework unique to your business.

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Rocket Community Management  Social Media Digital Marketing Agency Icon


We’ll help you become a loveable part of your audience’s everyday lives! Community Management varies from brand to brand so getting to know yours is our first priority, as each has a unique tone of voice and objectives.

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Pencil Content Production Social Media Digital Marketing Agency Icon


The social media boom has given brands & businesses the opportunity to be valid publishers, but the content often misses the mark. We focus on producing content and digital assets that reflect the needs and preferences of your audience.

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Target Social PR Media Digital Marketing Agency Icon


Why create great content if no one can find it? We use a strategic recipe of unique methods and tools to put your content in front of the right eyes – from the latest SEO techniques and Social Media Advertising to Influencer Marketing and more.

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Diamond Ecommerce Social Media Digital Marketing Agency Icon


Your customers are talking about your business everywhere & at every waking minute. Social commerce is the strategy that facilitates and turns participation and user-generated content about your products/services into results that directly impact your bottom line.

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Piggy Bank Analytics Social Media Digital Marketing Agency Icon


There is no ROI without reporting + analytics. We know what to listen for, which tools to use, and how to use this data to shape your online presence. Our social media research, monitoring and insight services allow us to get deep insight into how your consumers behave online.

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globe email marketing social media digital marketing agency icon


For best results… marry email and social media. By using social media strategies to direct people to your email campaign, you can get those people who are genuinely interested in what you’re offering to sign up and learn more about why they should become paying customers.

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Do you want to hire a social media manager in house, but don’t know how to evaluate them? Or do you need to train your staff? Or yourself, perhaps? How do you use Instagram for business? Why should I tweet? What is a hashtag?. If you have more questions than answers, than you probably need our social media training.

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Screen Web Design Social Media Digital Marketing Agency Icon


Web design is more than delivering something that looks nice. Website structure, usability, accessibility and the online habits of your target audience need to be taken into account. We create beautiful, user-centric websites that wow your users and your business. Fact: a website with engaged users, delivers results.

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Cammi Pham of KwinMedia


Digital Strategist

Cammi Pham is a geek in stilettos. She loves building a community and  pushing boundaries to optimize every aspect in life. Cammi accidentally fell into digital marketing when she founded and ran an environmental nonprofit at the age of 17. She later helped many technology startups gain traction and grow their communities online. Cammi is a Medium Top Contributor, and Quora Top Writer. Her work has reached millions of views, and has been translated into many different languages. Cammi has been featured in the BBC, Business Insider, Adweek, Yahoo, Lifehacker, and more. Cammi lives by her personal motto, “Learn, Unlearn, Relearn.”


Jessica Redmond of KwinMedia


Digital Strategist

Jessica Redmond has a real passion for acronyms… SMM, SEM, SEO and BYOW (yes, bring your own wine). Jessica is a seasoned marketing professional who has spent the majority of her career focused primarily on social media marketing for lifestyle brands, including strategies for search engine optimization, search engine marketing and analytics. She knows how to engage audiences and start conversations in a completely integrated way. With a 360-degree approach to reaching customers that is targeted and measurable she create’s deep engagement with a brand’s core demographic, it’s kind of her thing.